Russell A. Schultz​​​​​​​
Visual Marketing Communications Strategist . . . with a twist! 
Graphic Designer · Senior Graphic Designer · Art Director · Creative Director

Style: Classic, Bold, Tight
10,000+ Print and Web/Online Design projects to date
(Annual Reports, Booklets, Brand Development, Billboards, Business Cards, Brochures, Calendars, Corporate Identity, Labels/Stickers, Logos, Flyers, Postcards, Posters, Presentations/Decks, Social Media, Tshirts/Apparel, Websites)
2050+ Clients Served
(Business/Retail Services, Corporate Clients, Craft Beer Breweries, Law Enforcement Organizations, Not-For-Profit Organizations, Government, Education Institutions, Religious Organizations, Political Campaigns/Organizations, Large Scale Events, Entertainment Industry, Medical Professionals, and a whole lot of individuals). 

When you work with us, your projects are completed on time, within budget, and with your marketing results in mind. 
Contact:  •  773-835-7271
Brand Development / Corporate Identity / Logo Design
Ads / Flyers / Pluggers / Postcards / Posters
Annual Reports / Booklets / Calendars / Presentations/Decks
Craft Beer Labels
Political Door Hangers / Mailers
Miscellaneous Design 
Russell A Schultz
Visual Marketing Communications Strategist . . . with a TWIST! 
— Graphic Designer · Senior Graphic Designer · Art Director · Creative Director —
As a seasoned, visual marketing communications strategist, I have served businesses and organizations of all sizes, as well as self-employed entrepreneurs. Whether tasked with creating and launching a new brand or adopting and propelling an established brand, each new project is undertaken as an opportunity to utilize my knowledge, experience, and creative talents as a communicator, innovator, self-starter and leader.
My primary aim is to increase mutual understanding in the world by helping others communicate more effectively and efficiently through the presentation of ideas and information in a clear, concise, consistent, constant, and visually-engaging manner.
As a sole-practitioner I have generated more than a million dollars in sales over the years, providing graphic design, printing, promotional products, and social media marketing services to a growing number of clients looking to increase sales and brand awareness, or promote a particular event or cause.
A parallel career with the Chicago Police Department has provided countless opportunities for both visual and traditional communication successes, when not actively engaged in fighting crime and disorder on the streets of Chicago . . . How's THAT for a TWIST!?!?!
Thank you!